Friday, April 9, 2010

Winter Plants Make Nice Spring Flowers

Sometimes the most unassuming plant can make the best decoration.

Last summer, my family had a vegetable garden and we had a variety of vegetables and fruits in it. Not all of them were a success, and some were only a brief success. The collards we planted at the beginning of summer were one of those brief successes, and we enjoyed them while we had them before they were destroyed by the bugs. My mother especially liked how well the big leafy leaves looked all on their own.

Fall comes in and my mother did not want empty plots or the withered remains of the vegetables as an eyesore in the backyard. We took the advice of our landscaper and had some winter collards planted. I didn't really pay much attention to them over the winter, they were just there. It wasn't until spring rolled around that we got a pleasant surprise.

Turns out winter collards produce some very nice yellow flowers on very tall stems. These are at least five feet tall, if not taller than me now. My mother is rather pleased with how they look. We're enjoying them until we get around to cleaning out the plots again for this year's spring and summer plants.

Unfortunately, I don't know the variety that was planted.