Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shopping Center Fauna

In late May, my family and I went to Orlando, FL, for vacation. It was a short trip, and I admittedly was more interested in the usual attractions than the alternative attractions. Perhaps I'll check them out in the future if I ever go back.

In the meantime, after a little trouble with transportation, I found this guy on the window sill of the Domino's Pizza, just sitting there. I took the photo, and was able to eventually figure out it was a squirrel treefrog. I think it's cute. It also shows how frequently wildlife can and will pop up in the middle of human areas. Admittedly, the area of Orlando I was in had many areas where you had pockets of development mixed in with pockets of less developed areas, and it's easy to imagine this guy came from the nearby fields and ponds, probably attracted by the potential insects drawn by the lights. He was pretty quiet, which is unfortunate because I would have like to hear its call. Or not; the sample on the linked page sounds more like a duck than other frog calls I've heard.

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